Deaf Circle Calendar 2019-2020

Deaf Circle

for wholeness in body, mind & spirit

Members of the Deaf community gather about 7 times a year to explore various practices that contribute to spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

These monthly events (September-November and February-May) sponsored by St. Thomas Deaf Episcopal Church are co-facilitated by Deaf life coach Deborah S. Mayer and our Pastor, Emily Hillquist Davis. We offer in American Sign language presentations on spiritual, emotional and physical practices that contribute to holistic health and wellness. 

ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE ARE WELCOME. Our programs attract people of various faith traditions, and some who are curious, but not religious at all.

Programs alternate between Deborah or Emily teaching and sessions led by Deaf guest-presenters or other teachers with an interpreter provided. This offers Deaf People an opportunity to teach and learn in their real language. 

When we invite hearing presenters, it is to offer basic instruction that is rarely accessible to Deaf people, such as drumming, dance, and various healing practices.

In November, Deaf Circle attendees and volunteers from our church host a kindness event, such as ASL Soup Café, to reach out and offer a meal and holiday cheer to those who can especially benefit from community support.