Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Emily Hillquist Davis

The Rev. Dr. Emily Hillquist Davis

From Richmond, Virginia to St. Louis, Missouri has been a spiritual journey for our Vicar, the Reverend Emily Hillquist Davis.

Born in Virginia, Emily and her family moved often as her father was in the army. She's an "army brat" who grew up living in many different places and came to love different languages and cultures as well as dance and gymnastics.

Academic pursuits took her to Indiana University in Bloomington and to Washington University in St. Louis where she met her husband Warren,and earned her Ph.D. in Medieval German Literature, studying religious visions of women who lived during the Middle Ages.

These old-but-radical writings helped Emily fall in love with God again. She went back to church (where she grew up anyway, since her parents and grandparents were active members of various Episcopal churches). Raising 3 children, volunteering and finishing her dissertation kept her busy. She was ordained in 2007 after an enjoyable course of study at Eden Theological Seminary in Webster Groves, Missouri.

Learning Sign Language has been a wonderful gift for her, and she is astounded at the beauty, grace and energy of it all.